N K Datta        " We feel glad that our website is being launched now. Looking back, l remember our former Honorary General Secretary Samiran Chakraborty who was the driving force in the formation of our Association. It’s a pity that we lost such a dynamic person.

           With the commissioning of the website it would be possible to disseminate information in an effective manner to our affiliated units and players. We have taken programme to extend cricket throughout the state including remote areas through development of infrastructure and good coaching. At Agartala, we have taken up construction of a stadium where international level matches can also be staged.

            At  the national level some of our  players  have  performed  admirably  in different tournaments organized by  BCCI. We have to focus to bring our  players to higher level. This is a prerequisite for a good balanced team at the national level.

    Let  our website be of use to all who are interested about cricket in the picturesque Tripura. "

-Former President,TCA